How to make money with industrial real estate property...and save your community at the same time.

In your town; high unemployment, a depressed economy, and the blight of old abandoned real estate. This is what our government now calls the "new normal". Joe Giancola calls it opportunity.

The Deal of the century, Really.
Learn the tips, tricks, and inspirational story of how a contractor who started with one beat-up pickup truck turned adversity into a real estate dynasty and saved a community.

In the startling new “Howe To Book” the true-life story of Joe Giancola’s purchase and redevelopment of an old scale works factory into the amazingly successful mixed-use industrial park Howe Center is finally told.

In the startling new "Howe To Book" the true- life story of Joe Giancola's purchase and redevelo pment of an old scale works factory into the amaz ingly successful mixed-use industrial park Howe Center is finally told.
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It is a story that anyone looking to profit from real estate, working in municipal re-development, or simply looking to become a catalyst for change in their community must read.

Property No One Wants.
This rare book includes the compelling historical drama surrounding the history of the Howe Scale Works, which is now Howe Center. A prescient parable of the end of the Industrial Age in America. From employing the majority of a small town, to unionization, to the manufacter's slow decline in the 70's, the story is a business education course in itself. By 1982 hundreds of workers lost their jobs when the Scale Works closed forever.

Make Adversity a Business.
The real education is the story of the rebirth of the old complex after it was abandoned for decades. Learn how Giancola overcame the problems of toxic waste at the site, stifiling governmental regulations, local criticism, and financial peril.

Learn the highly entertaining story of how a "destroy ed city" became an inventive and successful "business incubator" in the community. A simple, quirky, and effective solution that other communities and develo pers can follow.

"What, is he crazy?" "What is he going to do with it?" "This is a dereliect bombed-out wreck, with broken windows, hanging wires, stray animals, and soot everywhere!"
- Most of the Community in 1987

"Howe Center is the most succesful, least orthodox, mixed-use development I have ever seen in the country"
- Governor Howard Dean in 2003

You can make your own path for success and jobs in your community.
Read how in this book.

This 200-Page story of transformation is available only for a limited time. And as a Bonus if you order now, we will include a Special Limited Edition DVD; "HOWE CENTER: Revitalizing Our Future" which showcases the step-by-step transformation of a modern industrial park.